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About Us

I cannot begin to tell you about us, before telling you about me. My name is Annalice Gee, I am the owner and operator of Blackwood Hair Boutique and Blackwood Skin & Beauty, and a mother of 3 wild childs. I decided to open Blackwood Hair Boutique in 2016. I was thinking about my next move; my second born was approaching her first birthday and it was time for me to return to work. I knew that hair was what I wanted to do: it’s what I was born to do. The idea of clocking in and out, day in, day out, rushing my work, using poor-quality products and compromising quality for quantity just wasn’t ‘it’. I wanted to create a calm and inviting space where people felt valued, and where I could provide a bespoke service and value relationships over bums on seats. In a matter of weeks the door was open: one chair, one basin and a small cupboard. I also only used two pairs of scissors back then. Oh, how we’ve grown.

I began hairdressing in 2003 as an apprentice in a salon in Fitzroy. I did this for 12 months before fast-tracking my learning and studying full time, to become qualified at the age of 19 in late 2004. I obtained my Certificate 4 in Beauty Therapy in 2019, and my Cosmetic Tattooing Certification in 2020. I am a life-long learner, and seek out industry-specific education on an ongoing basis.

Over the next few years BHB continued to grow, but the next big decision was to open a beauty salon. This venture took more than just a few weeks as I completed my qualification in Beauty Therapy and designed and purpose-built the space right next to BHB.  In March of 2020 (impeccable timing, I know!) I opened Blackwood Skin & Beauty. Then closed, then opened again. 

Operating these spaces in a way that aligns with my values has always been my priority. Focusing on relationships and client care has always been easy, but finding brands that I believe in has taken hours of research and deliberation. We are an EVO concept salon and I chose this brand because our values align. They are free from nasties, cruelty free and the colour range is ammonia free. Their products are made in Australia and out perform anything I’ve used in the past.

BHB and BS&B live on the main road in a small town. I’m sometimes overwhelmed by the success of my creation, with a large number of our clients travelling great distance to see us and those living closer to home appreciating a little luxury at their doorstep.

Now with a team of four, with a few more chairs, basins, square footage and indoor plants, Blackwood Hair Boutique is still my space for calm. It’s where I create my best work, and I love every bum in that’s in my chair. I believe your vibe attracts your tribe and I’m incredibly proud and humbled to have found a team who share my values. 

Meet the team

Lauri Brown

Our youthful ray of sunshine, it’s impossible not to love her. Lauri has the most infectious smile and warm manner. She has a keen eye for detail and works meticulously. 

Growing up locally, Lauri is a country girl at heart, caring a great deal about the people and environment around her.

Charlee Whitehouse

First year apprentice. More info to come

Kelly Grech

Kelly has been in the beauty industry since the year 2000. With a focus on spa therapies, operating her own salon in Ballarat for 7 years and working in the surrounding area’s elite spas, Kelly has gained great knowledge and expertise within the industry. Combined with a friendly and caring personality, you can be confident you’re in safe hands with Kelly.